Topographic Survey

Survey your site in hours, rather than days.   Often it can be difficult and time consuming to carry out topographic survey over suitable sites, but now, using the latest software and the data collection capabilities of the Hi resolution cameras on our SUAs we can often carry out a survey, process the data and provide raw survey images within the day.  As we are archaeologists ourselves, we can easily discuss and understand you specific needs and provide additional services including interpretive imaging, contour mapping and GIS compatible georeferenced files – both Raster and Vector.

We do need a clean line of site though, and so heavy vegetation cover does get in the way, however, we are even able to deal with a number of obscuring elements, as long as we can see some part of the land surface.

Covering over 1 hectare per 1/2 hour at high resolution to 5cm contour heights, you need to look up to SUA topographic survey with Skyscape Survey.

Skyscape Survey is a trading name for
BAJR British Archaeological Jobs Resource
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