First professional archaeology drone flights in UAE

Skyscape survey (David and team) is doing an excellent job in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Documentation of Jazirat Al Hamrah (17th century traditional town, covering 54 ha) was started as a pilot project. A careful strategy and very professional recording system (including drone survey) was developed to document the traditional architecture of the town (450 structures). The work methodology which was employed not only resulted in a very comprehensive record but also meets the need of other key areas – excavation, structure related issues, conservation etc. To achieve maximum results in a short period of time Skyscape survey professionally trained a local team and regularly supervises the standard of their work.

Skyscape survey is commissioned to extend their work to other sites in the Emirate. Rafaq  an 18th or 19th century fortress has recently been surveyed and plans are being prepared to initiate recording of other sites.

Ahmed Hilal - Director

Competent and Comprehensive

I found Skyscapes Survey to be both friendly and extremely competent, all their technology is first class and they were stringent in all checks and on-site procedure. Our projects involved the exposure of two previously unrecorded sites: 20-30m diameter cairn and a an substantial enclosure so drone survey was essential to comprehend just what we had! We also survey Banked enclosures, and their knowledge and skill allowed for detailed topographic and interpretive imaging I would recommend them to anyone for a professional and safe survey!

Dr Murray Cook

Attention to detail

Forestry Commission Scotland recently commissioned Skyscape Surveys to undertake the survey and visualisation of the Iron Age hillfort of Dun Deardail in Glen Nevis. We were very impressed by their professional approach to both flight planning and health and safety issues – and the resulting low altitude aerial photography and photogrammetric terrain model demonstrated both an attention to detail and a flair for innovative and aesthetic illustration. Discussing the site and our requirements both in advance of and subsequent to the fieldwork enabled Skyscape Surveys to identify the most productive methodologies, ensuring that their product best fit with our intended uses. We would not hesitate to recommend Skyscape Survey to anyone requiring a professional archaeological ‘eye in the sky’.

Matt Ritchie
Forestry Commission Scotland Archaeologist

Matt Ritchie

An amazing result

In the summer of 2016,  our team had a fruitful collaboration with David and Skyscape Survey on our Romanian excavation site at Sultana Malu Rosa-  The site dates to the Late Neolithic period (c. 4500-3900 cal.BC). This collaboration was an amazing result and experience for us, and consisted of a UAV topographic survey of our site and mapping the archaeological features and the landscape, some of these images and video footage was also used by our team to create a promo trailer for our site.

All in all, the work with  David Connolly’s drone survey company was a pleasant and professional experience that I can highly recommend!

(National History Museum of Romania / University of Bucharest, Romania)

Dr.Catalin Alexandru Lazar

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