First professional archaeology drone flights in UAE

Skyscape survey (David and team) is doing an excellent job in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Documentation of Jazirat Al Hamrah (17th century traditional town, covering 54 ha) was started as a pilot project. A careful strategy and very professional recording system (including drone survey) was developed to document the traditional architecture of the town (450 structures). The work methodology which was employed not only resulted in a very comprehensive record but also meets the need of other key areas – excavation, structure related issues, conservation etc. To achieve maximum results in a short period of time Skyscape survey professionally trained a local team and regularly supervises the standard of their work.

Skyscape survey is commissioned to extend their work to other sites in the Emirate. Rafaq  an 18th or 19th century fortress has recently been surveyed and plans are being prepared to initiate recording of other sites.

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